New Artwork at Fishers

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On 27 February myself, Jane and Vicky had a small private view at Fishers in Fulham High Street. Most people turned up regardless of the weather and a good time was had by all. Half of us stayed on for a very enjoyable dinner. Our work is still hanging there for the time being. I certainly want to do another view there maybe later in the year or next year but maybe in the spring when we can guaranteed slightly better weather!!!




Along with two of my friends I will be exhibiting some of my paintings at Fishers, 19 Fulham High Street from 21st January.



Studio 126 at Wimbledon Art Studios

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Now that the snow has gone I will be able to get back into my studio to continue preparations for the May show. Several works to be backed and mounted for my small browser, new all over design t-shirts to be made up and new cards to be printed. Then I have to devise an idea for the mural I am thinking of doing in the corridor. something bright and colourful I think as it is quite a dark space even when the lights are working.


12 & 15/2

Up in studio working towards the May Wimbledon Art Fair. Primed my small board today. Will work on it next week in conjunction with two other pieces. Will be picking up three paintings from the framers next week. Although they were on the wall in November will look different now mounted and framed.


Back in the studio again today having had to take a week off due to illness. Found two life drawings which I had totally forgotten about. One needs framing and I am experimenting with the other one as I am adding colour. Have had to invent a light source going by what is on the page. Have also reduced the size of the paper. They will probably go into the May Art Fair.



These three paintings are currently being framed and mounted for inclusion in the May Wimbledon Art Fair.




Back in studio today to continue with a current pastel work. Finishing touches next week. Also spent some time rehanging paintings in the studio in readiness for May and choosing more paintings for framing. Also removing hooks from the wall opposite registration area for a mural for the May Art Fair.



Back in the studio later this week to start on preparations for the May Wimbledon Art Fair.



The November Wimbledon Art Fair is now finished. Tidy up starts later this week. New works and preparations for the May Fair start in January.


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Flower burst with figure

I will be exhibiting some of my paintings at Fishers in Fulham High Street from 21 January.

The next Wimbledon Art Fair runs from 10-13 May 2018

In December 2018 I will be exhibiting three pieces at Spectrum Miami

I now have a small line of tops and accessories at:

Products and Prices 

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Flower burst with figure

Products available:

Small £8; Large £12.50; Large two-tone £14

£1.75 (any of 5 £8.75; any 10 £17.50); A4 cards; A6 cards (pack of 4 £10.00). Bulk Orders (any size) in units of 50 up to 250: 50 cards £40.82; 100 cards £78.32; 150 cards £112.49; 200 cards £141.66; 250 cards £149.99. Orders of 500 cards and upwards start from £275.

Calendars: 12-month wall calendars £22.50; 12-month desk calendars £19.99

Key rings: £2.50
Caps: £8.00
Pens: £5.00 – Pen and pad sets £10.00

Tablewarecoasters and table mats:
x4 coasters £12.38; x4 table mats £32.63
Setting for 4 £45.00
Setting for 2 £29.99
Single setting £14.99
Settings for 8 people and upwards start from £76.50.
Settings currently go up to 12 but larger settings can be ordered. A small deposit will be required when ordering settings for 8 and upwards to secure the order.

Small ceramic vases/pen or pencil holders £16.00; Coasters: £8.50; Cups and saucers £32.95

New items available from Autumn:
Posters – A2 posters £50.00; A1 posters £70.00
Scarves – £40.00 and wall clocks from £20.00

From Spring 2018 there will be new all over design women’s t-shirts. These will be at a fixed of £40.00. The cheaper £12.50 format will still be available if preferred.

New all over design t-shirts

Postage and packing: There will be a flat rate of £4.40 added to the price of any product requested. If you live close to Fulham or Tooting personal pickups can be arranged by appointment.

Water lilies 2

Virtual Exhibitions

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I have two virtual exhibition videos on YouTube at: and


Artists that have influenced my work

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Raoul Dufy, Maison à Falaise Raoul Dufy

   Georgia O’Keeffe
   Claude Monet


Henri Matisse

 Vincent van Gogh

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