Size/Price for Acrylic/Oil Paintings (in inches)

Prices shown are for unframed paintings

18 x 24 £350

20x  24 £375

20 x 30 £450

24 x 36 £525

30 x 40 £570

30 x 48 £625

60 x 40 £675

60 x 48 £715

72 x 24 £750

72 x 48 £850

Canvases over 72 x 48 will go from £900 upwards

The price list and sizes shown above are a rough guide for paintings. Prices will vary depending on the canvases in stock at the time and will take into account purchase of a canvas if required in particular for the larger size paintings.

The estimated timescale for completion will be anything between 2 to 10 weeks depending on the size of the canvas and allows time for ordering a canvas if  required.


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