Size/Price for Acrylic/Oil Paintings (in inches)

18 x 24 £350

20x  24 £375

20 x 30 £450

24 x 36 £525

30 x 40 £570

30 x 48 £625

60 x 40 £675

60 x 48 £715

72 x 24 £750

72 x 48 £850

Canvases over 72 x 48 will go from £900 upwards

The price list and sizes shown above are a rough guide for paintings done using acrylics and oils. Prices will vary depending on the canvases in stock at the time and will take into account purchase of a canvas if required in particular for the larger size paintings.

The estimated timescale for completion will be anything between 2 to 10 weeks depending on the size of the canvas and allows time for ordering a canvas if  required


Current payment methods:

1. Internet banking – BACS or CHAPS
2. Card payments now available (Debit and Credit card)

Instalment plans can be set up for large works

Payment by personal cheques also acceptable.

Invoices will be submitted by email.

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